Meet The Goss’ (:


Ben and I (Brittany) have been together since January 2011. We met trough mutual friends at a Paramore/No Doubt concert in June 2009. I spent the next  year and a half hiding my feelings for him as best I could, not wanting to ruin the friendship. Finally on my 22nd birthday we decided to see what it would be like to be more then just friends. I haven’t looked back since. The beginning of our relationship was a little complicated cause I was currently seeing someone else and I had to tie up loose ends before committing myself to our relationship. Best decision I have ever made. March 8th 2011 we found ourselves pregnant and I was being evicted from my home at the time because my ex had stopped paying his portion of the rent. Luckily Ben’s parents took me and I’ve considered them family ever since. In September 2011 I left Ben in New Jersey to finish school and I moved home to Connecticut to get a little extra help with the end of my pregnancy. I was born with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy and walk with crutches. Being pregnant I lost what little balance I had and wound up spending the final months in a manual wheelchair. January 15th 2012 at 2:42am I vaginally delivered our beautiful baby girl Alexa. 


I couldn’t be happier being a mom although it has come with a ton of challenges. I am basically still wheelchair bound except when we venture out of the house. I spend my days caring for Alexa in the chair. I cook, I clean and I maintain our household solely from a manual chair. This has caused a significant weight gain that I am currently working to take care of. Ben moved up here after he graduated in May 2012. In June we moved into our current home. A two bedroom one bathroom basement apartment which feels more like a house. We live right down the street from my mom and step-dad which has been a huge blessing in the last year and a half. They love having Alexa so close. My mom takes Alexa Monday and Wednesday night cause she takes her to Daycare on Tuesday and Thursday. 


This blog is going to show you a glimpse into our daily lives as well as share recipes, tips anything I find interesting. Please follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for more in the lives of the Goss’s!  


Instagram: @heyyy_brittanyyy

Twitter: @b2thelm



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